Creating Projects

Before you can create a project you need to create a customer record first. Once created you assign projects to the customer, keeping all projects against the customer record makes it easy to keep track of your best and repeat customers. It also makes it easier to find old project records

Find a customerCreating Customer Records

From the customers menu you can both edit or delete the customer record, view existing projects or add new ones.

If the customer doesn't already exist click 'Add Customer' to create a new customer record.

The customer information is used to populate the address fields on quotes and invoices.

The only required field is the customer name, ItemisedInvoicing.UK is not a Customer Management System (an option will be available Summer 2015 to provide this function). However, it makes sense to include address and contact information just in case you have more than one client with the same name etc. If using the invoice by email function you need to include your customer email address.

Creating a projectCreating A New Project

To create a new project click 'Add Project' against the appropriate client record.

Enter the details as required, you can style the project description using the formatting tools to make document easier to read when printed later.

Don't worry if you don't get it right first time everything can be edited later.


If copy & pasting from Microsoft Word click the icon with the Word logo first and paste the description into the popup window. This will remove the unnecessary code that clutters Word documents!

Note: When you create a new project a summary of your usage in the current month is displayed at the top.

Add itemsAdd Items to Project

Clicking 'Add Project' creates the project, the subsequent screen prompts you to add project items.

Scroll down the categories in the left hand pane and click on the category where the items you require are listed. The numbers in brackets indicate how many items are active in each category. The active category is displayed in red.

Once selected, the items in the chosen category are displayed in the right hand pane. Enter the quantity required and click 'Add to project' - confirmation of the item added is displayed above.

Note: If you attempt to add an item that has previously been added you will get a message asking you to amend the quantity on the project edit page.

Repeat the process to add all the items needed for the project.

Once all items have been added click on the project name to go to the project edit/review page.

Project editProject Edit and Review

The project now has the status of draft.

Check the project details and amend as required. Items are amended on a line by line basis, to remove an item select the remove option and click update. If you need to add more items click 'Project Items [ Add ]' and repeat as in previous step.

At the bottom of the project page is a price summary including VAT (if tax option chosen) and listing any payments made.

At the top of the project details is a menu with a number of options depending on the status of the project. The options are as follows:

Account summaryCustomer Account Summary

This provides a quick overview of all of your projects and their status.

Date range defaults to the current month, to change the range select the dates on the menu.

Filter options are self-explanatory, the default is by project created date.