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Clicking the Site Files option from the menu bar and you are able to see all of the files that you have uploaded.

Options are simple:

To include a file within one of your web pages simply highlight and copy the file path and past this using the WYSIWYG tools on the page creator/editor.

File Upload

Add fileTo add a new file click 'Add File' (located at the top of the Site Files page).

You can upload any number of files subject to each file being no more than 500KB in size.

This limit can be increased if required but large file sizes are not generally suitable for inclusion on websites and can quickly use up your valuable web hosting server space.

If you wish to include videos on your website it is better to use YouTube or similar and embed them via a link on your page (see how to embed media on the page creation section).

Standard file formats supported are jpg, jpeg, png, gif, doc, docx, xls, xlsx (other file formats can be added on request).

To upload a file to your file library enter a short meaningful file description (makes it easier to find later), click the 'Choose File' button (a window will open, simply locate the file that you wish to upload and select it) and click upload, that it!

If anything goes wrong you will be provided with an error message. The two most common upload errors are due to the file size being over 500KB or the file format is not supported.

Any specific requirements relating to file type, size or image dimensions etc. will be confirmed to you separately.   

Tip: When creating new website pages it is generally easier and quicker to have all your files (images & documents) uploaded first.